Now desi


She is struggling


Caucasian or Desi – Your Answer makes the call…

Mexican or Desi? Your Answer makes the call…

Respect to DesiGirls… they are beautiful with the nice clothing and the characteristics of Man’s desire… How to improve a girl’s facial appearance so that she maintains the right moisture in her face and so that her partner can enjoy her appearance.

– Exercise

– Cardio

– Light Weights

– Drink Water

– Eat Healthy

– Stop Talking so much

– Stay out of the Sunlight exposure – only small dosages

What’s that in her hand? – Kah Peera?

Too much desi? YourAnswer?

Is she desi? – YourAnswer?


do you like?

ok.. this is not acceptable public appearance, you cannot even see her face – who does she think she is?

is this allowed?

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